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How to use the FAQs

The best way to use the PBL ROBOTS Frequently Asked Questions is to find the card(s) that interact with the rule in question, in the sidebar and then scroll through those questions. It may also be easier to search for the question in the search bar. For more complex questions some FAQs will have a video to best explain certain interactions and rules.

Hidden Ladder Games has been collecting FAQs for years, and our goal is to have the most comprehensive Frequently Ask Questions possible, and we are always working on making it better. We consider our rulebook a living rulebook, which means it will change and grow to improve gameplay and simpliciy of rules text. We also beleive the FAQs are the same way and will be continually changing and updating answers to provide the most current, clear and effective answers for our players. If you have a question or clarification that is not addressed here please send us a comment on We love feedback and hearing from our players.


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