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Optional Dunk Rule

One slight rule modification for events like house tournaments or conventions has been to alter the rules of bombs/shields to allow for a player to use bombs/shields during the initial attack phase. There are certain armors that do benefit from this rule in other moments of the game, such as head armor Gears of Alvidon and it is a way to minimize the effect of cards like Distraction Teddy; and make cards like Duds and Misfire even more potentially effective.

The real reason we have offered this rule change as an option, is that you can record high score "dunks." Dunks refer to the total amount of one singular roll in an attempt to win a game, and with the proposed rule modifications you can discard cards as bombs to add to the initial attack.

During large events we record the highest dunk score and often offer a prize or reward for the person with the highest: ARCADE STYLE.


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