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Updated Rule: Resolving an Action

Anytime an Action is played, the player must reveal it face up on the table, and then resolves the Action. Once the Action is resolved then place the card face down in the appropriate scrap heap.

Note: Some Action cards require a die roll, and priority may pass back and fourth before the Action itself is resolved. If priority does pass while an Action is being resolved, an additional Action may also be played and will resolve before the original Action is resolved. Because priority passes after an Action resolves, there may be additional action cards played while an action card remains unresolved.

Here is a complicated example: 'Ultimate Blast' is played by Rick and he rolls 5 dice, he rolls a value of 20 (thanks to some help from crew member 'Coringus' who turns 1s into 3s). Betty responds to the dice rolls by playing 'Gamblers of Pioria' targeting Rick's crew member 'Coringus'. Betty rolls the die for Gamblers and rolls a 5, which would discard Coringus. Rick, now responds to the die roll for Gamblers and plays the action card 'Duds" which turns the 5 into a 1, which no longer discards Coringus. Duds resolves and is discarded. Gamblers of Pioria resolves and is discarded. In response to Duds resolving, Betty plays the action cards 'Diabolical' on the still active roll from Ultimate Blast, forcing Rick to reroll all 5 dice. Rick rolls a 16, and it becomes the new total. Diabolical resolves and is discarded. Ultimate Blast resolves and is discarded.

Note: Opening the Shop during an Action

Certain actions allow you to draw cards (for example, Commabackk and Dead Limb Disco). If an action card allows a player to draw cards from their deck and the deck is empty the Shop will Open, however the action card remains face up until the card finishes resolving. The player will draw the appropriate amount of cards from their deck/shop and when satisfied the action card would be discarded into a brand new discard pile (because the old discard pile will have shuffled during the Shop is Open phase).

Here is an example: The defending player Thomas loses their head during combat. In response to the blow off, Thomas plays the action card 'Commabackk' face up on the table and draws three cards. However, Thomas only has 1 card left in his deck, so he draws that remaining card and then the Shop Opens. Thomas shuffles his current discard deck and it becomes his new draw deck. Five cards from the Shop Deck are flipped face up in a row. Thomas must take one of the shop cards for his next draw, which he does. Then Thomas decides to take the last draw from his own fresh draw deck. Once all three cards are drawn, Thomas discards 'Commabackk' face down in his new discard pile (Scrap Heap).

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