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Updated Rule: Opening the Shop (reflected Rulebook version 1.4 )

(reflected Rulebook version 1.4 page 4 section "The Shop is Open")

The updated area has been highlight in yellow.

"At any point in the game, if a player goes to draw a card but their are no cards in their deck, the Shop is Open! Shuffle your discard pile and give yourself a new draw deck. Then take the Shop Deck (make sure it is shuffled) which has been set aside since the draft and turn five cards face up in a row, to become the Shop. The player that opened the Shop must draw their first card from the 5 revealed cards. Once Shop opens all of the face up cards in the Shop row are an extension of all player's decks. All players may now take one of the face-up cards from the Shop instead of drawing from their draw deck. Cards that allow you to search your deck for a specific card may now also allow you to take a qualifying card from the shop row. If the Shop has already been open (due to another player running out of cards or from the action card "Shop is Open") the shop only refills the empty slots to a maximum of five cards (For example: if the Shop has 3 face up cards remaining, and the 'Shop is Open' again, only two cards are added to the Shop.)

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