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Resolving an Action

When an Action card is played, it must be announced and laid face up on the table until it resolves, and then will be put into the owner's discard pile.

Most Actions are resolved the moment they are played, and will be discarded shortly after they are announced. Action cards that effect combat like Epico Bean and Ultimate Blast will remain face up during the die rolls and then will be discarded afterwards.

Actions that draw cards, like Dead Limb Disco or Commaback will normal resolve quickly, but can take longer if the players runs out of cards and the Shop must open. It is important to remember that these Action cards remain face up on the table while the shop opens and the player's deck is shuffled as the card will now become the only discarded card.

Final Blow will stay face up on the table until the player finishes his/her current turn, draws a card and then puts Final Blow into the discard pile. This helps to remind players of the additional turn, and to notify when the extra move has been taken.

Malfunction is also an unusual Action card because it plays face up on top of a robot's limb and may remain there for multiple turns. Malfunction only resolves when it is removed from the robot (see Malfunction card for details).

Note: Discarding Crew also resolve the same way.

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