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Getting Shero with Smitty Lesson

If a player has Smitty Lesson as an active crew member and is in critical form (only one active limb remaining), that player may discard Smitty Lesson on their turn to search their deck or hand for Shero and immediately put him into your robot.

If Shero is not in hand, nor in the deck, shuffle the deck and Smitty Lesson remains discarded.

Shero can attack the turn he is put into the cockpit as long as no other moves have been made.

If a player uses Smitty Lesson to get Shero and then regenerates a limb, Shero would remain as the active pilot. The critical form is only relevant to use Smitty Lesson's abilty, and once Shero is the active pilot he remains unless he is attacked by Gamblers of Pioria or Unknown, or replaced by another expert pilot.

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