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Priority and when can you play Actions

Priority is an important function in PBL ROBOTS to determine when you can play actions on another player's turn. During a player's turn they are considered the 'active player' and have priority for the majority of the turn, but any opponent gets passed priority after any changed game state, including after declaration to attack and after declaration to draw a card at the end of the turn (a declaration is when a player announces their intention for an attack or ending a turn). A game state can be changed by effects, declarations, actions, moves, combat. Basically, anytime a player on his/her turn does anything, all other players has a chance to react. Priority returns to the player whose turn it is immediately after another player has priority. After any Action is played, all other players have priority, and then the player who played the Action would be given priority again to perhaps play another Action, if able. Note: Some turns may be passed and priority would only pass once, and other turns with combat/Actions priority may be passed more than 20 times.

In multi player games multiple Actions could be played in succession by different players. Once priority goes from the active player to the opponents, the active player gets priority passed back following any Actions by opponents. Two different opponents may play an Action card during one priority, although a single player cannot play two Action without giving time to the opponent to respond inbetween.

Example: Bob is the Active player and declares an attack on Paula's robot. During combat Paula decides to use Overblown on Bob's attacking limb. Andrea is the third player and wants to further punish Bob by playing Distraction Teddy causing Bob to discard 2 cards (if Paula tried to do both Actions herself, Bob would have to be given a chance to respond inbetween).

Priority can be suspended by any player who asks for extra time to think.

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