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What constitutes damage on Spor Conductor?

Anytime during a battle if a die of any value is rolled in an attack targeting Spor Conductor then the attack value will crank up by +1. The Spor Conductor can only increase +1 per attack, because the entire attack including bombs are considered one damage total.

Note: Even if Spor Conductor takes damage and increases its attack, it can still be destroyed during that combat if the defense total is lesser, like normal combat.

Additional Note: It is possble to attack Spor Conductor with a limb with attack +0 and a pilot with attack +0 which will not cause the Spor Conductor to crank up. The defender will still need to roll the defense dice.

YotZ Bazooka: The strike from this shoulder armor would not crank up Spor Conductor unless it is a successful strike, at which point would blow off the head and the cranking would be unnessesary.

Note about Mute: Using the BLAST effect from Mute on your own attack can also be a way to erase all 6s rolled from the attack and keep Spor Conductor from cranking up (assuming you rolled only 6s in your attack). Although it is unlikely, and even more unlikely that this would be in your best interest (but still possible).

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