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2015 Tour


Also find us on tour in April, May, June of 2016. Contact us for details. 


     October 3rd, Dice Dojo: ChicagoLand Games (North) Chicago, IL (3-6pm)

     October 5th, Level Up Games, South St. Paul, MN (6-9pm) 

     October 6th, Minnehaha Free Space, Minneapolis, MN (5-9pm) 

     October 7th, Source Comic & Games, Roseville, MN (6-9pm)

     October 8th, Dreamers Vault Games, St. Louis Park, MN (6-9pm)

     October 9th, Ed's No Name Bar, Winona, MN (6-8pm)

     October 11th, Jamestown Art Center, ND (3-8pm) 

     October 16th, Card Kingdom Seattle, WA (1-4pm) 

     October 16th, Gamma Ray Games, Seattle WA (6-9pm)

     October 17th, Meeples Game Cafe, Seattle, WA (6-9pm)

     October 18th, Blue Highway Games, Seattle, WA (2-5pm)

     October 20th, Edge of the World Game Store, Eugene, OR (2-5pm)

     October 22nd, NuGames, Eureka, CA (1-4pm)


Also check out the additional art and music events the Hidden Ladder Collective is doing on this trip! 

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